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Elite's copywriting machine is now running in full gear!


You can rely on us to fulfill your public communication, advertising and marketing needs. Through us, you are indirectly working with vibrant media and IT agencies as they are our strategic partners. Serving a wide clientele base from the region of East Asia and ASEAN, our dedicated team of linguists are experienced in providing professional services to SMBs, MNCs, law firms, financial institutions, individuals and many more.


* Printed Materials


For many years, our copywriters have been entrusted with tasks to produce creative write-ups for print media. You can count on us to work on your corporate brochures, posters, product specifications, full advertorials, marketing and advertising materials, as well as articles for magazines and newspapers. We are also involved in numerous copywriting projects where concepts are captured by a few powerful taglines.


*Webpage Content


The online commerce is one bandwagon not to be missed. With the number of worldwide internet users soaring high, many of our clients have taken the relevant step to create a customized company website. Our role is to produce relevant content that reflects the operations of the business, and captures prospective customers. We tailor our write-ups towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus increasing the exposure of the company website each time web users use a search engine.


* TV and Radio Scripts

We are the designated copywriting agency for several advertising and marketing players in the industry. Our target projects in this area include radio scripts (advertisements and programs), TV commercial scripts, corporate video scripts, etc.


*Other Services


Our clients have also engaged us to provide specific linguistic solutions, among others:


Corporate yearbooks
Business plans and proposals
Product specifications
Restaurant menus
Press releases
Personal biographies


Contact any of our colleagues via our web form and ask for an obligation-free quotation here.

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